1. Safe for Sensitive Skin
  2. No Parabens and Other Harsh Chemicals
  3. Non-Irritating
  4. Nourishes Skin
  5. Not Tested on Animals
  6. Does Not Age Skin
  7. No Strong Scents
  8. Less Exposure to Toxins
  9. Non-Comedogenic
  10. Safer for the Environment

Safe for Sensitive Skin

The common worry of people with sensitive skin is that wearing makeup will aggravate their skin problems. The good news is, people who have skin sensitivities can now wear makeup. There are cosmetic products available that are made from organic ingredients thus providing the user with many natural cosmetics benefits.

The natural formulation of such cosmetics does not irritate the skin and are gentle enough for everyday use. This is due to the fact that ingredients used in these products come from natural sources.  Rashes, itching, pimples, redness and allergic reactions are some of the things which can be avoided with natural cosmetics.

No Parabens and Other Harsh Chemicals

Parabens are preservatives used in the process of making cosmetics. Although these extend the shelf life of products they have also been shown to disrupt estrogen production. These have also been related to breast cancer, weakened liver and a poor immune system. Natural cosmetics are made without the use of such ingredients.


Even people who do not have sensitive skin may experience problems with cosmetics. These can, dry skin, bring about itching and redness or even become a trigger for skin problems. Those who suffer from eczema and type of dermatitis are especially prone to irritation.

Natural ingredients are gentle enough on the skin even when makeup is worn the whole day. This prevents any irritation that can come about and allows even those with sensitive skin and delicate skin conditions to enjoy wearing makeup.

Nourishes Skin

Like many other products made with ingredients that are organic, natural cosmetics can help provide the skin with additional nourishment. Ingredients like Vitamin E, witch hazel, coconut oil and more are commonly used in such cosmetics. These ingredients, and more, are well known for helping the skin healthier. These are also full of antioxidants which can help ward off early signs of aging, or simply keep the skin looking good.

Not Tested on Animals

Many products that go through the normal process of cosmetic production undergo rigorous testing on animals. Not only are the processes cruel, but they also endanger the animals on which the products are tested. Natural cosmetics do not use animal testing since the ingredients used are already known to be safe for humans.

Does Not Age Skin

Regular cosmetics contain many different ingredients including chemicals, fillers, preservatives and artificial colors to name a few. While not everyone may be allergic to these things, applying these to the skin can cause the skin to age more quickly.

Daily use of makeup with all these ingredients can result in dryness, fine lines and even wrinkles. On the contrary, natural products

No Strong Scents

Since most traditional makeup products are manufactured with the use of chemicals and other ingredients these are usually scented in order to mask the smell of the ingredients. Many cosmetics have strong smells which can be irritating for some women.

Those who suffer from asthma, sinusitis, migraines and breathing problems may be particularly bothered by these strong smells. On the other hand, natural products have milder scents. These may also contain essential oils for scents which are used for aromatherapy. Rather than being irritating, the smell of natural products can be relaxing and healing.

Less Exposure to Toxins

Aside from containing harsh chemicals, many traditionally manufactured products also contain toxins in them. Mercury, arsenic and cadmium are just some of the things found to be present in beauty products. Long term exposure to these toxins can result in adverse side effects. Natural products are made with less content or none of these toxins. This lowers the risk for exposure and to heavy metals and other such ingredients.

Non Comedogenic

A common problem with many cosmetics is that these tend to prevent the skin from “breathing” and clogs pores. Makeup and beauty products that have this effect on the skin are known as comedogens. Not only do these prevent the skin from “breathing” but it may also be a cause for acne.  When pores become clogged, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and infections giving rise to pimples.

Natural products do not build up in the pores and can easily be removed or washed off and leave the skin and pores free of any substance that may block it. Even with daily use, natural cosmetics allow the skin to breathe.

Safer for the Environment

With the many synthetic and chemical ingredients used for the production of traditional cosmetics, the environment is affected as well. By products of the production process can harm the air, ozone layer, bodies of water and more.

One of the benefits of natural cosmetics is that it is safe for everyone. People, animals and the environment are all spared from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals.



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