With the Vancouver Sun Run just over a month away, runners throughout the Lower Mainland are starting to prepare for the annual 10K road race. Regardless of your ability, the stress put on your legs by running for extended distances can take a toll on your muscles and joints. This can be problematic when training for a specific event. The last thing any runner wants is a serious injury the day before a race. At Consumers Nutrition Center in Richmond, we are dedicated to helping you achieve peak performance with the help of superior sports supplements. That’s why we’ve come up with our top three supplements for runners.


If you don’t already run regularly, training up for a big race can be exhausting. While continual training can improve your pace, it doesn’t help if you’re overtired on race day. Protein sports supplements from Consumers Nutrition Center in Richmond can help your muscles recover more quickly after each run, so you’re ready to go again tomorrow.


While running is one of the most popular forms of exercise, it can be punishing on your feet, especially when tackling longer distances. Stress fractures are among the most common injuries for runners, which is why bone strength is so important. A premium calcium sports supplement from Consumers Nutrition Center in Richmond can strengthen the 52 bones in your feet and ankles to prevent bone injuries.

Fish Oil

Fish oil sports supplements from Consumers Nutrition Center in Richmond can benefit runners in more ways than one. When it comes to running, your endurance and speed are heavily reliant on your cardiovascular health. Fish oil can improve your circulation and heart health while easing joint pain and stiffness.

Whether you’re training for the Vancouver Sun Run, the Boston Marathon, or just because you like running, Consumers Nutrition Center in Richmond can help improve your performance with expert services and premium sports supplements. Drop by the store today!