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More and more people are becoming aware and critical of the food that they consume. To maintain a healthy body, many people try to stray away from processed foods that contain chemicals, and instead lead towards all natural food items and maybe even organic produce. While what you eat is a large part of your health, it’s also important to consider what you put on your skin.

At Consumers Nutrition Center in Richmond, we carry cosmetic and skin care products that only contain natural ingredients. This way, you can feel confident about the products you are using to support your skin’s health and appearance. Why should you care about using natural cosmetics? Here’s why!

  1. Support The Earth

We all know where chemicals end up from large manufacturing plants: in the Earth. Whether it’s in the air, in the water, or in the soil, the chemicals that are released by manufacturing companies affect the environment and can leave lasting damage. Natural cosmetics and health products use ingredients that are farmed and manufactured organically and without chemicals for the sake of the planet.

  1. Avoid Skin Irritation

You may be putting your skin at risk of irritation if you are using products that are full of chemicals, artificial colors, and fillers. These harmful ingredients can be the reason for redness, irritation, and breakouts for many skin types. Natural cosmetic products will work with your skin instead of against it.

  1. Let Your Nose Relax

The chemicals used in conventional beauty products are covered up by artificial fragrances, which can cause some people to experience headaches. When you switch to natural products, you nose will be treated to natural scents of essential oils and other mild natural ingredients.

For more information about what natural cosmetics and health care products we have available at Consumers Nutrition Center, get in touch with us today! Call (604) 270-0007 to speak with our Richmond health store team.